Posted by: J. Thomas Ross | May 31, 2011

Balticon 45

The Dealers Room

Music at the Opening Ceremonies by George Hrab

Author reading by Gail Z. Martin








Balticon 45, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction Convention, May 27-30, was four days packed with activities that included a lot more than science fiction and fantasy. So many things were scheduled each hour that making a choice was often difficult. Here were some of the possibilities:

Guest of Honor Dr. Benjamin Bova signing books

-Panels for teens and children

-Science fiction, fantasy, or anime movies almost twenty-four hours a day

-Panels for fans and readers

-Panels about writing, agents, pitching, publishing

The Pitch Workshop with Eric Kimball, Donald Scott, Brent Weichsel, and Jared Axelrod

-Panels about gaming and a game room for playing games

-Panels about film/TV shows

-Panels about costuming and costume contests

-Panels about new media (webcomics, podcasting, audiobooks, and more)

Panel – How to Promote Yourself as an Artist with Alan Beck, Heidi Hooper, and J. Andrew World

-Panels about art and the art show

-Readings and signings by authors

-Workshops on writing, poetry, lyric writing, drawing, and puppet making

-Workshops on water color painting

Panel – Postcolonial SF & F with Anthony Stevens, Elaine Corvidae, Michael Swanwick, Bernard Dukas, and Carl Cipra

-Workshops on pitching and medieval dance

-Panels about science

-Panels about music and concerts

-The Dealers Room with books, T-shirts, jewelry, games, and much more

Since I’m a writer, I gravitate toward the panels and events related to writing, but I enjoy panels about science and other topics as well. All those I attended were informative and enjoyable. I wish I could find a way to attend
more than one at a time! The convention had a number of writing panels and workshops that would benefit any writer, not just those interested in science fiction and fantasy. This was my first time at Balticon; I’ll definitely be back.

For more photos and Balticon news check out my personal blog.

Authors Steve White and Charles E. Gannon

Author reading by Elizabeth Moon

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