Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 9, 2011

Top Picks Thursday 6-9-2011

The big blowup this week was the Wall Street Journal article claiming that YA today is too dark. This is not a new argument, as evidenced by my own blog post almost a year ago, but it spawned a huge backlash on Twitter, where the #YASaves discussion championed these dark books as saving and changing lives. NPR and child psychologist/author Sarah Fine both wrote excellent rebuttal arguments.

Pitching is essential to an author’s world (as much as we wish it wasn’t!). Janet Reid brings us a hilarious video on the dos and don’ts of elevator pitching, while Author Marketing Experts tells us how to craft an exceptional elevator pitch.

We all hear a great deal about “branding” ourselves as authors today (social networking, anyone?). Paranormal Author Jami Gold shares how to become “Google-able.”

For those of us who are painful introverts who run from the thought of publicizing our book, Jane Friedman offers some advice.

Agents are the writer’s portal into the traditional publishing world. Frankie Mallis shares her successful battle plan for capturing her agent, and KT Literary talks about how you and your agent can work together on your second book.

No matter how long we’ve been writing, we all still can learn something about craft. Here’s some Plot Help to make a non-action/thriller exciting; some Hot Writing Tips from the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference on Character and Plot; how to revise while keeping true to the sacred core of your story; and tips on how to tell if a person is lying – useful info to incorporate into your writing and life!

Finally, on Book View Café, science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin ponders the false walls between genre and literary fiction, especially as related to editor expectations for YA Fantasy.

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