Posted by: Kerry Gans | July 9, 2011

Saturday Special 7-9-2011

By The Numbers

 1) One author’s take on the hardest part of writing a novel. Author Jeff Abbott shares how he slays his dragon each time

2) Three interested agents, one writer. Jolene B. Perry tells us how she picked her agent—and it’s not as straightforward as just sales figures.

3) 5 questions every book proposal must answer. This British post talks about a fiction book proposal, which is usually not used here in the US. However, all 5 questions should also be answered in a query, so jot them down!

4) 5 reasons writers need to embrace technology from Publetariat.

5)  7 things you can do today to improve your book design.

6) 7 things I’ve learned so far as a writer. Author Bethanie Murguia shares lessons from the writer’s road.

7) 8 ways NOT to describe your main character. Editor and writer A. Victoria Mixon points out the biggest mistakes writers make in building a main character.

8 ) 8 steps to more concise writing. 

9) Neil Gaiman’s 8 Good Writing Practices via Gotham Writing Workshops.

10) 10 ways to craft a sense of place from author Cheryl Reif.

11) 10 things you should know about e-book formatting from author and e-book formatter Guido Henkel.

12) 21 dangerous blogging mistakes and how to fix them. Social media experts share their tips on how to increase and keep your blog traffic.

13)  40 Twitter hashtags for writers to follow.

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