Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | October 11, 2011

Each book is full of mystery

: I grew up in a family that believed in the value of figuring things out for oneself and I’ve always thought that’s why I spend my so much of my life trying to figure things out: How do I_? Where did I put that thing? What will happen _? Why did that happen? Or maybe it’s because I love to read.

In my mind, all stories are mysteries. The mystery is why I turn the pages of book after book to find out if the hero will get what he wants before it’s too late. As the author obligingly puts obstacle after obstacle in the hero’s way, I wonder, how the hero will get what he wants.

If there isn’t a mystery, I have less reason to turn the page.

And as I learn to write mindfully, what do I need to hold in mind to keep the mystery in my novel alive? Here’s my short list: Know what the hero wants and keep him from getting it as long as possible. Oh, and ask a lot of questions.

What would you add?

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