Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | November 10, 2011

Top Picks Thursday 11/10/2011

Of huge importance, not only for writers but for us all: Spread the word and sign the petition to save our school libraries nationwide. Then, an amazing post from Kody Keplinger – A Confession About My Disability. Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? A NaNoWriMo writers tip along with a story of woe.  If you need to find a critique group Lynnette Labelle is matchmaking them today and tomorrow!

Sometimes unpublished writers need to remember famous authors whose works were rejected (repeatedly, and sometimes rudely) by publishers.


Nathan Bransford on How to Start Writing a Novel and he also asks Do You Have a Plot?

While you are writing, Diana Pharaoh Francis discusses Flawing Your Characters.

Agent Mary Kole talks about writing with a theme in mind while on Writer Unboxed psychologist Vince McLeod explains How to Use Psychometric Testing to Create Believable Characters. Now that you have started writing and have created your characters it’s time to mess with their minds. Donald Maass on Reversals and Jeff Goins and Why You Should Tell The Ugly Parts of Your Story.

While writing, for those in the know, how to use allusion like Taylor Swift.

Have you finished your WIP? Jamie McHenry tells us about The Power of a Rewrite. After the rewrite, A Polishing Till It Shines Checklist from Mia Marlowe.

From Susan Adrian, What is This Creativity, Anyway? Sara Zarr has a great post on Sometimes We Write What We Need To Read.

Authors Jonathan Maberry and Marie Lamba (who is also an agent) have been teaching a YA Novel in 9 Months Class and student and novelist Donna Galanti shares some of her notes.

Then Kathryn Craft on Unexpected Moments: A Clue to Memorable Story.

And, oh yes, that Synopsis Thing.


A really useful article for writers by Martha Wells: “Readings and Signings Can Suck” and then

Jody Hedlund suggests Five Ways to Take the Ickiness Out of Marketing Your Book.

Bob Mayer has good and bad news for authors: You are the gatekeepers now–your success is in your hands.

Jane Lebak shows the key to getting an agent interested in your query – tell them why they should care about your character.

Simon Lipskar asks ebook prices – How Low is too Low?

The Unique Shelf

From Chuck Wendig – Writers are the 99%

From Jonathan D Allen: Against the Dying of the Light – What Keeps Me Going.

Treasures of the Bodleian Library go mobile.

From Euripides to Stoppard, 10 literary examples of cross dressing.

British Library Apps for smartphones and tablet computers.

“The letters accumulate into an iceberg of self-denial & self-discipline.” The Guardian on Hemingway & Wodehouse.

Robin Kaye has a Favorite Hero, Michael Hauge.

From Marta Moran Bishop; something to remember about life’s greatest gifts and a post all of us spoiled “adult” Americans should read.

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