Posted by: Kerry Gans | November 19, 2011

Saturday Special 11-19-2011

We had too many links for Thursday, so here are some bonus links!

By The Numbers

1) 2 rules for successful writers from Janice Gable Bashman

2) 4 ways inspiration helps you beat writer’s block from Writer’s Digest

3) 6 reasons why you need to consider email as a communication strategy on your blog from Problogger

4) 6 laws every blogger needs to obey so they don’t get sued, also from Problogger

5) 7 reasons you should join a book club by Emlyn Chand

6) 7 ways to keep up your enthusiasm for writing from Writepop

7) Top 10 reasons why writers don’t read as much as readers do by Rhiannon Paille

8 ) 10 steps to your bestseller by Elaine Cougler

9) 10 ways creativity benefits productivity by Justine Musk

10) 10 Charities That Promote Literacy from Media Bistro

11) 10 ways to seduce your muse by Karen Docter

12) 23 tips on writing a book from 23 brilliant authors from Steve Silberman

13) 23 websites that make your writing stronger from Write It Sideways

14) 25 Reasons Readers Will Keep Reading Your Story from Chuck Wendig


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