Posted by: J. Thomas Ross | January 28, 2012

Remembering Stacie DeSantis-Dorego

Stacie DeSantis-Dorego. Writer. Friend. Beautiful human being. You will be missed.

I didn’t know Stacie long. We met just last year through Twitter, and she quickly became a friend. Caring, supportive, and encouraging, Stacie always tried to brighten the lives of others. We connected as writers and as women and mothers. We shared joys and troubles. And because I had suffered abuse as a child and now work as a volunteer to help those dealing with domestic abuse, we formed a bond of understanding that those who have not had the experience might not comprehend.

I write this, however, not to dwell on the darkness that took Stacie’s life but to celebrate the light and beauty that she brought to the lives of others, the light and beauty that forever remains in the memories of her family and her many friends. In addition to this lovely legacy, Stacy leaves behind her two beloved children, who now need our help.

Although my four blog partners did not know Stacie, when I mentioned what had happened, they wanted to post a remembrance of her with information about the fund set up for her children. And so I asked author Roger Grubbs, a friend who has known Stacie longer than I have, to write a few words about her and the fund that has been set up to help her children.

In this fleeting thing we call life, occasionally we cross paths with people for a specific reason. When I joined twitter, I had no idea what was going on. Soon Stacie took me under her wing and helped me learn how to use this powerful social media. It is because of this association that I met a wonderful person named Dottie Laster of Hear Women Talk and was able to participate in bringing public awareness to the global problem of human trafficking. This is having an impact and was made possible all because of Stacie. So, I would have to believe this is one of the reasons we met.

I got to know Stacie fairly well over the past few short months. I discovered that she wrote for and worked closely with Hear Women Talk. Her ability to connect with people was unbelievable. While dealing with difficult subjects, she attempted to remain positive and offer encouragement. Meanwhile her writing showed great talent and insight beyond her years. She attempted to reveal her emotions in a way that touched many readers. We can all learn from her.

But, it was obvious – the most important thing in her life was her children. They were the center of her universe, and she cared for them deeply. Due to her untimely and tragic death, those children are now being cared for by relatives and have many needs. For those of us who have come to know and love Stacie, here is a way we can honor her life and show our respect: help her children.

In loving memory of Stacie DeSantis Dorego

gone but not forgotten.

Donations and funds are now being accepted by the Johnston Firefighters Local 1950 on behalf of Stacie Dorego’s children.

Roger Grubbs,

Author and friend


  1. Thank you for honoring Stacie!


  2. Reblogged this on Nerd Monkey 42.


  3. Very sad and so tragic, I will spread the word Judy


  4. This is so incredibly sad.


  5. What a tragic loss! It’s left me very sad, but thanks for sharing a way for us to help her children…


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  7. Thank you for honoring Stacie. She became a good friend of mine through Twitter. She will be missed dearly.


  8. I just learned of this today. It is amazing how much someone with such energy and enthusiasm as Stacie can impact you. I didn’t know her very well, but when I came in contact with her it was like a whirlwind of positive emotions. We had a few brief tweets directly to each other, but they each had the ability to make me smile. I tweeted her just a few days ago because I had missed hearing from her. My thoughts are with all of her close friends and family.


    • Your words sum up what made her special to so many people. Thank you.


  9. Beautifully done…


  10. I knew Stacie for an even shorter time that you, yet her spirit of kindness and strength left a mark on my heart that will last a lifetime. Thanks for honoring her memory.


  11. This was a very tragic story but I do have to mention that Stacie did leave behind 3 children. She has a beautiful, amazing daughter who has also been trying heal over the awful decisions that were made that day.


    • Thank you for mentioning the children, Kara. Her children meant the world to her.


  12. That photo is not of her. It’s of a model. Use and also a google images search of this person and you will see.


    • Thanks, Laura. We used the photo she had posted on her blog because we felt that was the image she wanted to portray her.


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