Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | April 24, 2012

Writing Advice from Yoga Class

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.   – Erich Fromm

When I gave up the bliss of ignorance to figure out how to be a better writer, I lost some of the joy I initially enjoyed when writing. Not a surprise, I knew my quest for knowledge would come with baggage.

It’s been a little while since I began my search and I haven’t figured things out perfectly, maybe not even close, but now that I’ve pushed past the first overwhelming confusion of trying to organize a million bits into something usable, it’s time to address my lingering discomfort.


a)      Getting up to write earlier than my body approves of.

b)      Creativity and Uncertainty (discomfort), you can’t have one without the other…if you do, it’s called copying.

c)       Wanting to follow all of that good advice I’ve been reading and write the kind of great stories I find on the bookshelves.


I’ve decided that yoga may have ALL the answers, so I’ve made a list of helpful things I’ve learned in yoga class.


Set your intention.

Before beginning to write, decide what you want to achieve.


When you fall out of a pose, find your balance and try again.

When you fall out of the habits that anchor your writing, start again.


It’s easier to get what you want if you don’t force things.

I find that force breeds resistance.


Consistent practice is more important than being perfect.

Need I say more?  Write.


Pay attention to the present moment.

Feel discomfort and breathe through it, but if it hurts, stop doing it.


There will always be a pose that you can’t do, and when you’ve mastered that pose, there will be another one, just out of reach.  It’s a process.

There’s always something new to learn.


It’s worth getting up at 5:45 AM to do it, but I won’t be on time, and I’d better not try it where I can lie down again.

It’s worth getting up at 5:45 AM to do it, but I won’t be on time, and I’d better not try it where I can lie down again.


  1. Very good analogy here. Since I’m in martial arts I’m disappointed I didnt think of something like this. I may borrow this. Thanks.


  2. 5:45 am, I’m driving to work. Although, I am up late writing. I agree the writing process is and it takes all these steps and more to create a wonderful story. Great post


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