Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | May 26, 2012

Saturday Special 05-26-2012

We had so many great links this week they wouldn’t all fit into Top Picks Thursday. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.

1) Roz Kaveney wrote in the Guardian a beautiful piece on John Donne. “John Donne, priest and Poet, Part 1: Love, Conscience and Martyrdom

2) 7 tips for turning your blog into a book.

3) Rules for writing and revising your novel.

4) You look like a spammer if…

5) News! I have an agent! No Kidding

6) Is it me or them? Don’t they believe I’m the next Nicholas Sparks?

7) Taking the mystery out of editing those pesky subplots

8) What will make an agent gong your pages

9) What does the editing process look like?

10) On bleeping profanity

11) Ever wonder what it’s like to be a slusher?

12) Labels: Writer vs. Author

13) Literary agent Jennifer Laughran’s Ask Anything posts are full of great advice.

14) Including the the information what’s the first thing you look for when you open a query/sample?

15) From Mark Twain to Ray Bradbury, Iconic Writers on Truth vs. Fiction.

16) From Scholastic 50 Books Your Child Should Read Before Kindergarten.

17) If your revisions fall flat, try transcribing your manuscript to maximize flow by Tim Kane.

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