Posted by: Kerry Gans | May 28, 2012

Anniversary Giveaway!

Welcome, everyone! The Author Chronicles is one year old tomorrow, May 29th. We’ve had a wonderful first year, and it’s all because of you, our readers. In order to say thank you, we’re having a month-long giveaway, with 5 weeks of awesome prizes. (Click here to enter.)

Prize 1 (drawn Sunday, June 3): A great swag bundle from author Tiffany Schmidt! Enjoy bookmarks, magnet, sticker, guitar pick, and a fortune cookie for Tiffany’s book SEND ME A SIGN, due out in October.

Prize 2 (drawn Sunday, June 10): This week will have 3 lucky winners! We have a signed copy of Jonathan Maberry’s ROT & RUIN, DEAD OF NIGHT, and ASSASSIN’S CODE. Each of our winners will receive one of his books.

Prize 3 (drawn Sunday, June 17): Author and advertising maven Kelly Simmons will critique your query letter for you!

Prize 4 (drawn Sunday, June 24): Developmental editor Kathryn Craft will analyze the first 10 pages of your manuscript to ensure you’re off to a great start!

Prize 5 (drawn Sunday, July 1): Author and professional actor Keith Strunk will read an excerpt of your work! He will provide both audio and video files for you, so you can stream this performance on your website or YouTube.

We’ll be running the giveaway through Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter picks the winners each week, and we will announce the winners on Mondays!

Enjoy the giveaway and spread the word – the more the merrier!

Click here to enter!


  1. Happy anniversary! Let the games begin!


  2. This is so exciting! What a great bunch of giveaways. Thanks for always supporting the writing/reading community in so many ways.


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