Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 9, 2012

Philadelphia Writers’ Conference 2012: Day Two

I’m sure that anyone driving in to the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference (PWC) all three days was saying TGIS – Thank God It’s Saturday! With the weekday traffic gone, the ride in took literally half the time.

Everyone seemed eager to get back to learning the craft and business of writing. Today added 4 morning workshops (you can find details on the instructors on the PWC website—scroll down): two 1-day workshops, Blogs (Jill Sherer-Murray); Flash Fiction (Randall Brown); and two 2-day Master Classes: Screenwriting (Marilyn Horowitz) and Poetry (BJ Ward).

The 3-day workshops continued: Novel: Plot (Merry Jones); Novel: Character (Jonathan Maberry); Literary Short Story (Debra Leigh Scott); YA/Middle Grade (Marie Lamba); Poetry (Grant Clauser); Horror, Sci-fi. Fantasy & Paranormal (Caridad Pineiro); Contemporary Short Story (Simone Zeltich); Memoir (Anne Kaier); Write for New Media (Ian Markiewicz); Nonfiction Book (Dr. Terry Levine); Playwriting (Maurizio Giammarco); and Poetry II (Lynn Levin).

My workshops continued to pour information into my brain. I also noticed a strange conjunction between the three of them, which I will write about on my blog on Thursday after I’ve had some time to digest and think about what I’ve learned.

The workshops wrapped up with a couple of 1-day late afternoon sessions: Good Dialogue (Kathryn Craft) and Selling Your eBook (Steven Spatz).

I did not attend the Banquet, with Keynote Speaker Sonia Sanchez, Philadelphia’s Poet Laureate. Again, I invite anyone who cares to talk about these events in the comments or put a link to your experience there in the comments, to do so!

Today I noticed a more relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps the absence of pitch sessions had something to do with that? Even after one day, writers had formed groups in which to spend their downtime. Although some of the groups were people who had known each other prior to this conference, new friendships and professional relationships have also begun. The power of networking (and coffee) at its finest!

I look forward to the final day of the conference, and I will wrap it up tomorrow night!


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  2. The classes and the Instructors are amazing. I’ve learned so much from everyone and I’ve made a lot of new friends. Thank you to all the people responsible for pulling this yearly conference together.


    • They did a great job this year. Good to see this Conference thriving and pulling in more and more writers. Maybe I’ll run across you at the conference Sunday, Marie.


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