Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 10, 2012

Philadelphia Writers’ Conference 2012: Day Three

Today was, sadly, the final day of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference (PWC). Before I talk about the events of the day, I’d like to congratulate all the winners of the Contests this year! A full list of winners can be found at the end of this post.

The crowd was a tad thinner today, as some people had to leave for home, but those that remained still buzzed excitedly. Workshop leader Marie Lamba commented that she loved the transformation – that on the first day everybody sat quietly before class, but by the end of the conference the before class period was full of chatter.

Today added 2 new morning workshops (you can find details on the instructors on the PWC website—scroll down): Social Media (Don Lafferty) and Writing for Magazines (Richard Rys); and continued the two 2-day Master Classes: Screenwriting (Marilyn Horowitz) and Poetry (BJ Ward).

The 3-day workshops wrapped up: Novel: Plot (Merry Jones); Novel: Character (Jonathan Maberry); Literary Short Story (Debra Leigh Scott); YA/Middle Grade (Marie Lamba); Poetry (Grant Clauser); Horror, Sci-fi. Fantasy & Paranormal (Caridad Pineiro); Contemporary Short Story (Simone Zeltich); Memoir (Anne Kaier); Write for New Media (Ian Markiewicz); Nonfiction Book (Dr. Terry Levine); Playwriting (Maurizio Giammarco); and Poetry II (Lynn Levin).

I think everybody wanted to stretch out the conference just a little longer, because most of the workshops I took ran long. Three days is not enough time to get all your questions answered!

I did not attend the closing panel: Let Your Creative Juices Flow, with Dr. Terri Levine, Alice Wootson, Kathryn Craft, and David Wilson. As always, I invite anyone who cares to talk about this event in the comments, or put a link to your experience there in the comments, to do so!

This weekend flew by so quickly, it is sad to say goodbye to the conference and all the people I met there. Hopefully the new connections people made there will grow and flourish in the coming year and bring opportunity and success to all.

Many thanks to all who ran the 2012 conference, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

The winners of the PWC contests were:

Literary Short Story

David Cooper             1st Place

Gerri George               2nd Place


R.B. Wolf                   1st Place

Sarahlyn S. Bruck       2nd Place

David Cross                Honorable Mention

YA/Middle Grade

Kat Richter                 1st Place

James Knipp               2nd Place

Poetry I

Katherine Hogan        1st Place

Fran Radbell Bolinder            2nd Place

Susan H. Robbins       Honorable Mention

Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Vincent Shuta, Jr.       1st Place

Lisa Gresson               2nd Place

Joe McGee                  Honorable Mention


Tamara Oakman         1st Place

Edna Chander             Honorable Mention

Writing For New Media

Faith Brody Patane     1st Place

Katrina Janco              Honorable Mention

Contemporary Short Story

Melissa Lutz               1st Place

Elina Zismanova        2nd Place

Joan Kane Nicols        Honorable Mention

Novel – Character

Amanda Banner          1st Place

Kriston Eller               2nd Place

Patricia O’Brien         Honorable Mention

Nonfiction Book

Kat Richter                 1st Place

Eric D. Gerst               2nd Place

Poetry II

Francis Alix                1st Place

Fran Radbell Bolinder            2nd Place

Katherine Hogan        Honorable Mention

Congrats to all! (If I have misspelled any names, please let me know.)


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