Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | September 11, 2012

For The Love of Gingerbread And Zombies

Last Friday (September 7th, 2012) I was fortunate enough the attend the release party at the Doylestown Bookstore for Jonathan Maberry’s new book, FLESH AND BONE. Jonathan’s release parties are always fun (if you remember last year I helped make zombie cupcakes for the release of DEAD OF NIGHT). There was a great book to buy, fun people to talk to, cake and, at this party, a make-up artist and zombie costume contest.

There was also gingerbread.

Jonathan teaches a Teen Experimental Writing Class. It’s full of creative and astonishing people and to surprise Jonathan and celebrate the release of his book they created their own dystopian out of gingerbread.

Jonathan was certainly surprised.

And delighted with the creators.

I was fortunate enough to be around during the planning process (I have a child in the class). They decided to have a clock tower, townspeople, bounty hunters and, of course, zombies. One of the teens whose family owns the wonderful Crossroads Bakeshop in Doylestown made the clock tower and road. For days before the class the creators made cookies until there were over two hundred.

Some of the cookies looked innocent enough.

And some didn’t look innocent at all.

An hour before the party started they banished Jonathan to the back of the store and set up their gruesome yet tasty display.

One of my favorites was Hawkeye, complete with arrows.

As I said, Jonathan’s release parties are always fun, even when the cookies look downright menacing.


  1. The one in the middle of the last picture with three buttons and no eyes looks like a dangerous sort of chap. Of course his head could just be on backwards. That’s the thing about gingerbread zombies. You can never tell.

    Crunch crunch…


    • He was a ‘towns person’ in the wrong place at the wrong time!


  2. Nice post, Nancy. And what a great bookstore, to allow the extra space for the cookie display! They don’t make any money off of gingerbread cookies – and that’s all a lot of venues would care about.


    • The Doylestown Bookstore is a great place and very accommodating to writers. They did tell me today they’re still eating the clock tower. . .


  3. […] Last year some of the students in Jonathan’s Teen Experimental Writing class celebrated the release of FLESH AND BONE, the third book in the series, by creating the clock tower in the town of Mountainside. The display also depicted an amazing full-on battle between zombies and towns people (my blog post on it is here). […]


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