Posted by: Matt Q. McGovern | October 23, 2012

The Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

The Philly film fest is an event that I associate with writing, so much so that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t, even though I’ve been attending it long before I ever discovered writing.

Happening as we speak (October 18-28, 2012 – ), the festival features movies more independent in nature.  There is no guarantee that any of the films will make a major release, though many do.  This gives the films a quality that, to me, makes me feel like I’m seeing stories that are less restricted. 

There are movies from all over the world, and you might even get a chance to meet the director and/or some of the actors/actresses that starred in the film.  For example, it was a treat several years back when a zombie film from Pakistan had the director present, as films like that in Pakistan are very, very restricted, and the director talked about the trouble he got himself into making it. 

Horror movies (my favorite) from other countries are more intense than those we have here in America, in my opinion, simply because they are outside the boundaries of what is established here.  Old folklore from other countries is indeed older than our own, and offers many varieties of the kind of tales that translate into great horror stories.  One must not forget the reaction of American audiences when “The Ring” came out.  That was based on Ringu, which is exactly the sort of film that one might find at a film fest like this one. 

The films are shown at the Ritz theaters, in Olde City, Philadelphia, and the fact that the film fest is very much followed by film enthusiasts (as opposed to the general movie viewing population) means a great deal.  The audience is the kind you’d want to see a movie with.  No cell phones going off or annoying conversations you often have to suffer through at any mainstream cinema.  Plus, the screams during a horror movie are the kind you’d expect from people who *really* want to see the movie, and be scared by it.  If you’re a horror fan, you would know what I mean when you’ve experienced this. 

Every movie I watch is carefully planned out, and I often have to struggle with managing my schedule so I can see as many as possible.  My mind is always on the storyline of the movie, the writing that went into it, the characters, and how the actors improvised when they were filmed.  It makes me think of my own stories, and how the characters in them might be portrayed in a film.  Each time the film fest is over I’m left wishing there was more, and I go into a writing frenzy shortly afterward.

I could write more on this topic, but I have a movie to see. Winking smile 

Definitely check out the web page, and see about seeing a movie.  You won’t be disappointed.

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