Posted by: Kerry Gans | November 1, 2012

Top Picks Thursday 11-1-2012

First of all, we hope all of you in the path of Sandy/Frankenstorm are recovering and safe. The devastation has been awful.

Second, this week’s Top Picks Thursday is a bit slim because of the effects of Sandy. Being without power for multiple days, our Internet searches were severely curtailed.


Kristen Lamb wraps up her structure series with how to balance your scenes. Roz Morris explains why the oft-quoted “write what you know” does not have to contrain you or your writing. Mary Kole talks about the right and wrong ways to use flashbacks in writing.

Point of view (POV) is very important to any work. Bill Hopkins defines and demonstrates a few favorite points of view, while K.M. Weiland tells us when NOT to use your antagonist’s POV in your story.

For writers just starting out on the journey, Mariam Kobras has 10 tips for beginning writers. For writers wondering if it’s time to hang up the pen, Rachelle Gardner has 9 reasons to quit writing.

Krissy Brady shares 8 red flag rules writers should never break, as well as the traits of highly successful writers. The Script Lab highlights the number one rule for every writer: safeguard your writing time.

Mark Flowers reminds us why NOT to look for and chase the next big thing, and Rachelle Gardner emphasizes why quality control matters and why mastering your craft is more important than ever.


Jane Friedman asks if publishers need to add more value to authors; Stina Lindenblatt explains how to get your books noticed in today’s saturated market; and Nick Thacker shares his secret method for selling a lot of books.


Scott Berkun shares a time lapse video on how to easily write 1,000 words.

In a what-the-heck? Story, Nick Davies tells how an Indiana library found a gun inside a donated book.

That’s all from us on this abbreviated week! Good luck to all those cleaning up after Sandy.

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