Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | January 8, 2013

Writing Right Brained

I’m considering making myself a tee-shirt that reads “I’m Not Stupid, I’m Right Brained”. See book by the same name here.

I haven’t read it but the title resonates loudly for me.

This week I stumbled upon some Left Brain/Right Brain characteristics lists and realized that I have a ridiculously strong preference toward using my right brain. Here you’ll find brain dominance lists with an interesting “test”.  A Google search for “left brain right brain” will provide you with other lists and tests, for instance this.

That I’m predominantly right brained isn’t a surprise to me, but I hadn’t considered the wide realm of characteristics of a right brained person before or that right brained people might more effectively do things in a right brained way, as opposed to a left brained way. The most eye-opening information however, was how many ways I’ve thought I’m flawed that are simply right brained ways of thinking and how many ways I sabotage myself by trying to do things in an unnatural (to me) left brained way when I’d be more effective doing things in a more natural (to me) right brained way.

It may not make sense for someone as right-brained as myself to outline first. It may be quicker and more efficient for me to outline after I write to be sure I have the kind of structure I want. Perhaps working a story backwards from the end might be a better choice for me instead of starting from the beginning and highlighting my manuscript in color when I’m revising might help me organize my thoughts. I might think better lying down or moving around rather than sitting still in front of my computer and perhaps I’m not really lazy or stupid, but I naturally need time to process new material and ideas.

Clearly a better meld of left brain and right brain than I have would be desirable in a world that seems geared to the left brained, but neither do I have to force myself to do things in a left brained way when a right brained approach is more effective for me.

Even time management for the right brained is within reach.

Right brainers, do you try to force yourself to do things in a left brained way? What are your best right brain strategies for organizing your writing and your time?

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