Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | September 11, 2013

FIRE AND ASH Release And A Goodbye

It’s difficult to say goodbye, especially to someone who has had a great and positive impact on your life. All of us at the Author Chronicles met in Jonathan Maberry’s Revise and Sell class. Inspired by his work ethic, intelligence and generosity we have all become better writers. We love celebrating his successes and thus three of us were delighted to attend his release party for the fourth and last book in the Rot and Ruin YA series, FIRE AND ASH this past Friday, September 6, 2013 at Doylestown Books.

FIRE AND ASH is an amazing book with characters you feel could walk into the room and zombies that scare the daylights out of the reader. The bad guys are even worse. (I’m not joking, ever since reading the first ROT AND RUIN I have not been able to leave my house without checking for zombies).

Jonathan, his wife Sara Jo West and their delightful dog Rosie are moving to California in the next couple of months. It is a good move for them, they will be near family, the weather is better, and so on. These truths their friends have to keep repeating to themselves or we may all find ourselves stealing the wheels off the car that’s supposed to take them to the airport.

The signing was very well attended and no one appeared to mind the long line. People chatted with friends, read FIRE AND ASH and enjoyed snacks as they made their way towards Jonathan.

After the release celebrations Doylestown Books hosted a goodbye party. Friends brought food and drink and we all enjoyed the company of writers, fans, friends and readers. They included Kerry Gans, Don Lafferty, Keith Strunk, most of Jonathan’s Teen Experimental Writing Class and their parents, J Thomas Ross, Tiffany Schmidt, Lucas Mangum, Michael A Ventrella, Deborah Corrado Kulp-Hacker, Jeanette Juryea, Gregory Frost, Janice Gable Bashman, Marie Lamba and many others. This area is rich in writers and, even better, rich in writers who are genuinely nice and interesting people. (Sadly I had a babysitter who needed to go home so I couldn’t stay for the entire party.)

We will all miss Jonathan, Sara and Rosie and wish they well. Perhaps when they come back to visit another party is called for . . .

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