Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | January 28, 2014


For her Author Chronicles post on January 6, 2014 Gwendolyn Huber wrote:

“1. I will remember that writing is between me and my creation. It’s not about anyone else.

2. I will set weekly goals for my writing and expect to make them most of the time.

3. I will remember how much I love this.

4. I will remember to trust that I know everything I need to know.

5. I will trust myself.”

Number 2 might as well have been jumping up and down, waving at me. Over the holidays life had gotten out of control and rather than five-hundred words a day I was writing a hundred here, sixty there and, memorably, woke up one night to pages and pages of blank space (I had fallen asleep before writing a word, finger firmly on the ‘return’ key). My daily goal got lost and more often than not I felt as though my brain was in a giant hamster wheel, running and getting no where.

Two events got me back on track. First, I visited my sister. It’s quieter for me there and everyday there was time to write, uninterrupted. The second event was Gwen’s post. Goals, I thought, remember them?

Right, five-hundred words a day, how should I accomplish my goal? My favorite way is to write first thing in the morning while my mind is full of energy. But what if I get interrupted after two hundred words? After nine words? What I do is remember my goal, think about the plot, write the words in my head, polish them and when I can, get back to work. I’ve had days where I’ve finished five hundred words before eight am. Other days I’ve written forty words here and thirty words there. It isn’t ideal but it’s the way I keep the momentum moving forward.

Thank you, Gwen, for reminding me. I will set a goal. Five-hundred words a day, everyday.

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