Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | February 18, 2014

Revision Monster

I spent this month tossing about two bits of advice/insight given by friends over the last few weeks.

From my Significant Other and Grammar Guru after reading my writing. “Don’t try to write well, communicate.”

From a friend on the revision process after learning that I talk to myself – “Introverts write a good first draft and their final draft one revision later because they do so much work in their heads. Extroverts make many small revisions to reach the final product.”

It occurs to me that both bits of information are about revision, and that fear of revision is my latest reason for dragging my writing feet.

 I spent a lot of 2013 facing and psychoanalyzing my fear of planning a novel and have worked out a planning style tailored to my whifty personality. With that fear of planning packed away for now, I can see the next monster under the bed – the big reason that since my first novel I’ve only produced a single first draft of another novel –  if I write it, I’ll have to revise it.

Revising my first novel consisted of wandering through the pages poking at this and that, wondering “would it look better like this?” Truth is I learned some things working like that and it has been a somewhat effective system for revising short things BUT I NEVER EVER WANT TO REVISE ANYTHING SUSTANTIAL LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!

So this month it’s time for me to face up to my revision fears. No more tiptoeing into the revision ocean and only getting my ankles wet. This month I’m jumping in over my head.

I’ve searched the internet for revision lists, and armed myself with a friend who seems born knowing how to write (by my friend’s standards, one of those introverts) and next month I’ll post examples of my revisions. 


  1. This came at a timely manner because I see a big fat revision in my future after the editingg of my WIP Blood Moon Rising. Thanks for a great post.
    Barbara of the Balloons


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