Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | April 16, 2014

Combating the Winter Blahs

Stephanie Burgis, author of the Kat Incorrigible novels, is a genius. Not just because she’s a fabulous writer (she is), but because she understands that sometimes we need both obtainable goals and the support of other people.

At the end of February and into the middle of March, as the winter blahs (and far too much ice) spread into spring, I found it hard to get any work done. My brain was turning into cream cheese and the words hid. That’s when I stumbled upon Stephanie’s March Magic. Everyday on Facebook Stephanie put up an obtainable goal and encouraged anyone who wished to join in. They were to put up a goal and later come back to report on their progress.

At first I was reticent about joining – what would I write? “Chipped ice away from the door during all my free time, only thought about writing.”? “Sat down to write, due to cream cheese brain only strung together six words, five of which are drivel.” Then I saw that Stephanie posted the goal of writing one line of fiction that day. As I read through the comments I saw some people were writing thousands of words a day and others just a line or two. What the heck, I thought, I’ll give it a try.

So I cautiously put down that my goal was one page of revisions.

Which I did. I posted the same the next day and then did it. I still chipped ice (and slid on ice and found yet more things that needed fixing because of the ice) but I had a daily goal. An obtainable goal that I could accomplish. As March drizzled and sniffled on I checked March Magic everyday. I didn’t always post nor did I always obtain my posted goal but I had something human to work towards and other people to share the journey.

Now it’s April and the ice is mostly gone (it had been all gone until it sleeted last night). March Magic is over but the habit of setting and making a goal is still here and the sense of community, the sense that other people are doing the same thing, remains.

The winter blahs have fled.


  1. Energy leaves me with any cold weather – it’s got to do with season affective disorder – and as the old cliche goes, a leapard can’t change her spots. But, she can shade them a little. I’m finding that blogging is a great way to get back into writing. That, having a goal, and keeping my eye on the prize.
    Great post!
    Barbara of the Balloons


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