Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | May 14, 2014

When The Power Goes Out

In early February Eastern Pennsylvania was hit by a fierce ice storm. My husband and I awoke before dawn to three loud BZZZZTTT!’s and flashes of light so bright I thought there was a police car with it’s lights on sitting in our drive.

Our power went out.

Over the next six days we kept warm, cooked on our gas cook-top and did the millions of chores you find pop up when you lose power for a significant amount of time. We stayed fairly upbeat even as the increasing depth of the ice meant we were trapped inside. We played family games, goofed off, did puzzles and tried to keep from going stir crazy.

On the second afternoon, as our son was running in small circles, his sister called him over. She said she was going to read him the first Cardcaptor Sakura book. She loves these manga books with a passion and to earn their hefty price will do almost any chore. Her brother cuddled in and they read.

For the next couple of hours I went in and out of the room as she read. Her small brother was completely transfixed by the pictures and plot. I heard him chuckle, ask questions, gasp and finally, when the book was over, he began searching the house for ‘cards’.

She read the second book to him the next day.

I loved watching them on those cold, grey, boring days when we had been inside for so long our brains were beginning to turn into cream cheese have these stories catch fire in their minds and make our chill house exciting.

It’s funny but, I can’t read the books. They have been translated into English but retain the Japanese tradition of going from right to left. I have read some books where the text flows right to left – if I concentrate hard my dyslexic brain can deal with simple text. Add pictures and some non-liner text and within four pages I’m lost. So my daughter promised to read them to me next.

I can hardly wait.

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