Posted by: Matt Q. McGovern | May 20, 2014

Once you get into writing…

I recently saw the newest movie release of Godzilla with some friends, and I was disappointed because I had some issues with the story & plot.

The first reaction my friends had to my disappointment was that it was a Godzilla movie! As if a movie like Godzilla doesn’t have to worry about plot or story.

After further attempts at describing my disappointment, I realized that there was no way for me to express it without looking like I was going overboard in my analysis of the storyline of a movie like Godzilla. And I don’t actually think I am, personally. I don’t think I’m overly picky or critical.

But it makes me wonder if I would have been so analytical of a movie story before I got into writing.

I used to marvel at the eye-opening effects that occurred after I got into writing. Each story I read or movie I saw had more for me to see. Being a fan of vampire literature, I used to joke that getting into writing is like someone getting bit by a vampire and slowly witnessing the metamorphosis in yourself as your senses become more sensitive and aware, etc.

I can read a story or novel and suddenly stop to admire a sentence, even if I wasn’t looking for that to happen. Likewise, when watching a movie I can be distracted by a scene because of what it might make me think of in terms of how it might be represented in a book.

Back to Godzilla…I’m glad I saw the movie and there’s a chance I might actually see it again before it leaves the theaters. So it’s not like I didn’t like the movie. I think I would have had the same reaction if I hadn’t gotten into writing, but I can express my analysis a bit more (I can see my friends laughing at this).

How has getting into writing affected your reading or movie-watching experiences? Can you think of any movie or book where your reaction stood out such that you knew it was because you are a writer?


  1. I’ve been writing since grade school, so I think I’ve ALWAYS been a writer! But I find I’m pretty good at guessing what happens next in a movie. I was watching a movie with a friend once, and she said, “This movie is so good! There’s a twist no one could see coming.” Then I told her, only 5 minutes into the film, what the twist was. She stared at me like I was an alien or something! I guess we’re just good at plotting. 🙂

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