Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | October 6, 2014

Writing Lessons From Free E-books

When I had to purchase a new phone last year I fortuitously hit a “buy a phone get a tablet” deal so I’ve taken to reading e-books this year.

Naturally that means I’m taking advantage of free e-book offers, which means my reading material has diverged from my usual – those weeded out by bookstores and libraries, and favorite authors I’d follow anywhere – to authors I might not otherwise have read.

I can tell you that offering a free e-book can work very well for an author.  I got hooked so deeply on book one of the Shadow Unit by Emma Bull that I couldn’t stop until I’d read number 14.

The truly interesting thing for me as a fledgling writer is that in reading such an extreme variety of writing levels, mediocre to expert, I’m seeing more clearly the contrast between where I am and where I want to be, between what makes me want to read the next book and what makes me not care, between what I’m willing to forgive in a story and the things I find unforgivable.

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