Posted by: Kerry Gans | November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Special 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! We at the Author Chronicles are thankful for all of our readers who have supported us for three years. We are also thankful for each other, since working as a team has made this venture not only successful but fun!

Here are our individual “Thankful Lists” for this year:

KerrySmallKerry Gans



  1. The health of myself, my family, and my friends. I have seen how quickly you can lose this.
  2. The love of my husband and daughter, who brighten every day.
  3. A roof over our head and enough food on the table. I know many are not so lucky.
  4. My writing community friends and colleagues, without whom I would not be where I am today.
  5. The Internet for allowing me to write from home and therefore be there with my daughter.
  6. My publisher Evil Jester Press and all the great people there who believe in my debut novel, coming out next year! I am living my dream, which many people do not get to do.

GwenGwendolyn Huber



I am thankful beyond words for my partner and love of my life John, the home we’ve made together, and the jobs I have that have brought so many wonderful people into my life. For the list of what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, I’ve chosen things about which I’ve been more likely to make complaints than to give thanks.

  1. I am grateful for NOT having health insurance. I have learned to listen to my body and tend it carefully with diet and exercise.
  2. I am grateful for NOT having the time to spend on my writing and other creative pursuits. I have learned to use spare minutes for planning and to better understand my craft.
  3. I am grateful for the times I’ve struggled to make ends meet.  I’ve learned how fortunate I really am.
  4. I am grateful for my food allergies. I’ve learned greater creativity as I’ve been forced to cook for myself and to discover and invent recipes that are less main stream, or should I say “out of the box”.
  5. I am grateful for those moments I feel I’m underpaid. I’m learning to value myself.
  6. I am grateful for the many miles I drive each week. My car has become a place to learn things.
  7. I am grateful for the ways that my partner pushes me to become a better writer, musician and person.  I’m learning how much more I’m capable of being.
  8. I’m grateful for this blog, my blog mates, and you, dear reader. I could not have guessed when I began this endeavor how much Top Pick Thursday and a five week writing rotation could teach me.

DSC_0183Nancy Keim Comley



Thankful? Do I have time to be thankful? Why, yes I do.

  1. Chaos – my life right now is chaotic. For example, I’ve been trying to sit down to write this for the last four days and in the ten minutes I’m been sitting here I’ve been interrupted to tell a beloved niece where the food is, greet my son, help my husband and brother-in-law put fries on their plates so they could stay outside with their steaks and the fire bowl. I am never lonely and my life is never dull. Do I occasionally have to stifle the urge to throttle people who complain of being ‘bored’? Yes, of course, but I am also very grateful for my full life.
  2. A Barking Dog – It’s been a tough year for us pet-wise. Our seventeen-year-old dog, Asta, died in February. Our sixteen-year-old cat Muriel died in June and our other cat, Opal, passed in October. We found our remaining dog, Glitter, as a rescue dog, three years ago. She spent a couple of years peeking around corners at people and running away, barking hysterically. After Asta died Glitter got even more wound up and barked until our ears rang. In July we acquired an Airedale puppy who has rapidly grown from a ball of fluff to a big, sweet goofball. Even though she occasionally gives me a look that clearly means ‘would-you-stop-him-from-chewing-on-my-head’ Glitter is much happier having a puppy. Now Glitter’s occasional barks are joined by the deep ‘woof!’ of a puppy who’ll give anything a try.
  3. Cold – It’s the day before Thanksgiving and much of the family have spent the day outside playing in the snow and warming themselves around a fire bowl. I worry about the people still traveling but I’m grateful for the fun we’re having.
  4. Too Much Email – I get a lot of email. It’s occasionally overwhelming – the children’s schools, friends, family, (okay, I admit the political ones drive me batty), send me something every day. Or every hour. But amid the noise there is news from a friend, a good article, a book recommendation — something interesting lands in my inbox every day.
  5. Tired – I spend much of my day at a sprint. I get up pre-dawn with one child and as soon as that one’s on the bus it’s time to get the other up. There’s never enough time, the dishes wait because my son has a book he wants to read, my daughter needs to be picked up from school, the dogs need another walk and every night I go from upright to unconsciousness in nanoseconds. It’s wonderful. I get an hour each morning to talk with my children individually, and the dog walks are with two joyous dogs, plus my husband is in heaven at finally having an Airedale.
  6. Never Enough Time To Read – I am hugely thankful for all the books in my life and for those who love them. This morning my sister finished GREENGLASS HOUSE, which she had read on my insistence, and we spent a good chunk of time enthusiastically discussing the book and deciding who we wanted to have read it next. To have more time to read I have stayed on the elliptical until near exhaustion and I still have a huge “TO BE READ” pile that more and more books get added to everyday.

My list of what I am thankful for could go on but I really have to make some pie crusts. Instead I ask that if you are feeling generous you consider donating to the Ferguson Library.

matt_blackredMatt Q. McGovern



  1. Health. Of myself and my family.
  2. Being blessed with many enthusiastic and intelligent friends. Whether it be a subject to study or an opinion to understand, I have passionate friends to turn to.
  3. Employment.
  4. Laughter. Thank all deities I’m good at this one, and what a difference it can make in my, or someone else’s, day.
  5. Butter. This begins the less abstract part of this list. Begin with Butter Cake (Pennsylvania-German style). End with garlic and a crustacean. Maybe some hard bread.
  6. Sugar. This could have been higher than butter. Instant gratification and the stuff of leadership. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Music. From an aural point of view, the same effect as sugar sometimes.
  8. Literature. Not to put this so far down the list because it deserves to be; it’s an advanced form and requires the others be satisfied first.
  9. Writing. Whoever invented the gel ink pen gets a merit badge, a slice of butter cake, and my thanks for keeping off carpal tunnel. Oh, and writing is magic and I have no idea what I’d do without it.
  10. My cats are my family.




Things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. A wonderful family (including a new grandson) who celebrate each others’ joys, share each others’ sorrows, and tolerate each others’ follibles.
  2. A wide circle of friends and friendly new neighbors
  3. A warm, dry home during the cold weather
  4. Having enough warm, rainless fall days to construct the deer-proof fence and to plant all the spring bulbs and bee- and butterfly-attracting perennials around the new vegetable garden
  5. Having enough to share with those who do not
  6. Having far more to be thankful for than can fit on this short list
  7. For the foresight of those who established a holiday for remembering the rough first years of our country when the help of Native American enabled the newcomers to survive as well as a day for sharing and giving thanks, things we do too rarely in our busy lives

That’s our thankfulness for this week! What are you thankful for? Share in the comments.


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