Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | December 9, 2014

Digging Out

As of last week my current WIP was in a tangled state only to be rivaled by my knitting after the puppy found it. It didn’t help that I was in a state of hurried rush and every time I tried to work, or think, I was either interrupted (before 8pm) or fell asleep in seconds (after 8pm). I was beginning to get cranky by the lack of progress.

This past Saturday was Family Stream Cleaning Day. The pond we live near had dropped by a couple of feet over the summer. After some investigation, we found that the two streams which feed the pond had silted up. In a drizzle that slowly turned into a downpour, we went into the marshy woods armed with shovels and a hoe. We worked for several hours, the rain water our guide as it flowed and showed us where to dig. We dredged, built small dams and, finally, the water flowed through its old route and into the pond. At the end we stood – muddy, cold and soaked through – and watched as what had been a trickle of water a couple of hours before now gushed. By the next morning the pond had refilled.

I enjoy working with my family, and there are few things more fun than mucking about in streams. However, there was something else I got while I excavated and my shoes filled with water. Quiet. After what felt like weeks of clamor when it would take me all day to finish a train of thought I now had space to think.

I am happy to say that my WIP unrolled itself in my head as I worked. Now if I could only get my knitting back into order.

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