Posted by: Kerry Gans | January 1, 2015

The Best of the Author Chronicles 2014

As is our New Year’s tradition, we look back on the Author Chronicles posts that resonated most with readers this year. This year’s list is a great mixture of craft and business posts, with something for everyone. Enjoy!

20.  Revision Monster

19.  Channeling Your Inner Librarian

18.  Write Stuff 2014

17.  How Will You Tell Your Story?

16.  Practicing What I Preach

15.  What Really Matters

14.  New Year’s Writing Resolutions

13.  Fear of Change

12.  ConCarolinas 2014

11.  Stop Social Media, I Want To Get Off! Focusing Your Online Strategy

10.  6 Ways Writers of Any Genre Can Benefit from Science Fiction Conventions

9.  Africa—Getting Away from it All…and Getting Back

8.  No Nonsense Allowed: Why Fiction Must Make Sense

7.  5 Reasons Agents Reject Manuscripts

6.  5 Lessons from the Self-Publishing Front Lines

5.  The Myth of the Solitary Writer

4.  Mysticon 2014

3.  Zombie Cupcakes: The Art of Marketing on a Budget

2.  Write Your Character’s Eulogy

And our #1 post for 2014:

1.  Launch Etiquette: MUST You Buy the Book?

Thanks for reading us this year! We hope 2015 brings you all peace and joy and all good things!

See you next week!

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