Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | April 20, 2015

Assumptions Writers Make

One of my part time jobs leaves me to figure its ins and outs on my own. That means I frequently find myself revisiting my assumptions about the details of completing my tasks for this job.

Making assumptions can be good, it saves time to make assumptions based on previous experience.  It’s practical, but if you don’t have complete or correct information, it’s also easy to make incorrect assumptions.

As a writer, here are a few assumptions that I’ve wrestled with over the years .

Assumptions can that can cause anxiety:

You either have it or you don’t. Good writers are born not made.

Unless a person is a good writer, they shouldn’t write at all.

There’s no future as a writer, so don’t waste your time writing.

Assumptions that might slow a writer down:

There are only a certain amount of words you can write in one sitting.

You have to write things in order.

You need to be in the mood to write. Creativity can’t be scheduled.

You need long stretches of time in which to write.

There is only one correct writing process.

What are some assumptions you have made about writing that you’ve found to be incorrect?


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