Posted by: Matt Q. McGovern | May 19, 2015

My book, your book

After having recently read the newly released biography from Ronda Rousey: My Fight, Your Fight, I was inspired by the many motivational messages it contained.

Ronda Rousey is a former Olympic medalist in Judo, and currently the reigning bantamweight champion in Mixed Martial Arts for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge) league. The book was written by her and her sister, and charts the difficult path to get where she is today.

While the book is about someone who becomes a championship fighter, you don’t have to like or even appreciate fighting to take motivation from this.

I believe that Ronda was born and raised to do this (her mother was the first American woman to win a world championship in Judo). I also can’t help but realize that “being born to do this” is one of the most popular answers given when a number of writers are asked WHY they write.

Every chapter I read about this fighter and the struggles she had in her life at the time, I came back to writing and what it meant to me. I guess that’s the point of her book title. She talks about her fight, while the reader thinks about theirs.

Each chapter begins with a motivational quote that I found very easy to translate to a writing version. I also could easily translate this Judoka champion as any of a number of authors giving me advice.

I thought about finding time and the best way to train versus doing the same for writing. Some of the many difficulties that writers (finding their way) are presented with seem miniscule in comparison to those of a judoka trying to medal in the Olympics, or trying to make it in MMA when you’ve only trained in judo.

Or even trying to just make weight and taking three baths in a row to lose every last ounce before it’s weigh-in time.

To say nothing of trying to succeed as a woman in a sport that had only catered to men.

The book is there for you to write. Someone has to write it, might as well be you.


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