Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | May 25, 2015

Get Messy

As I continue to focus on my growth as a writer, I have long found writing advice on its own to be overwhelming and sometimes conflicting. To make things worse, a personal flaw of mine is to want to do things “the right way.” But for me, attempting to do things the right way is like singing a song while strangling myself. I’ve learned that trying to do things the right way leaves me second guessing myself and afraid to experiment  – a flaw for any creative venture.

I’m finding the stories I read to be the biggest teachers.

They allow me to distance myself from my fears while observing all that great writing advice in action.  With a little distance it’s easy to see that there are many ways to write a successful story, stories of which I enjoy, read to the end, and even buy a sequel. That’s all success. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Reading a friend’s book recently, I saw that a deeper more powerful story might be as simple as how much a character grows by the end of the story.  A small amount of character growth makes a story work but a large amount of character growth is satisfying on a higher level. In the end though, the writer and the character must grow, must risk, a little or a lot and that means, for me, stepping away from the paralysis “the right way” to do things creates. It means get messy, make mistakes, and fix them.


  1. So true! My messy first drafts are the most fun because when they’re done I get to dive in and get my hands dirty in the revision.


  2. Fun. I must try that.


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