Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 16, 2015

Philadelphia Writers’ Conference 2015: Agents & Editors Panel by Bob Drumm

AC at the PWCOn Friday night, the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference  hosted the Agents & Editors Buffet. Neither I nor J. Thomas Ross could make it, but our critique group crony Bob Drumm went. Bob kindly provided us with notes from the event, and we are sharing them with you.


The editors at the Friday night dinner of the Philadelphia Writers Conference mostly revealed information already on their websites or previous interviews online. Below are a few notes for each editor or agent.

Ayesha Hamid, PS Books

  • Open to all submissions for any story or poem about the city of Philadelphia.

Adriana Dominguez, Full Circle Literary

  • Wants to develop books that will have a long backlist rather than just hot at the moment.
  • Wants to help map out a writer’s career.
  • Third year at Philadelphia and would like to find someone this year!
  • 20 plus years’ experience in all phases of publishing. Editorial agent.

Alec Shane, Writers House LLC

  • Looking for boy centric stories even though harder to sell.
  • On a mission to get more boys reading.
  • Also seeking history and memoir.

Jennifer Chen Tran, Fuse Literary Agency

  • Wants to build YA list.
  • Wants a polished fast paced character driven works.
  • She is very selective.

Sarah Yake, Frances Collin Literary Agency

  • Very small organization of just two people, but established in 1948.
  • She only takes on one or two authors a year.
  • Mention PWC in subject line or your submission will be rejected.

Eric Smith, PS Literary Agency

  • New Agent based in Philly.
  • Interested in YA, especially tear jerkers and fantasy.
  • Make him laugh out loud.

During Q&A all mentioned the importance of reading what they want and to follow ALL guidelines. They were all friendly, positive, but realistic about the current market. Adrianna did mention that the market has improved since the doldrums of 2008-10.

Bottom line: Believe in yourself. Stay positive. Follow the rules and submit. Good Luck!

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Bob DrummBob Drumm is a not-yet-published writer. His current works-in-progress include a YA novel, Pretzel Boy, and an adult novel, The Princess Rules. This was his 3rd PWC, but the first one in a long time and he took every opportunity to learn and network!


  1. I was also attended and there isn’t much to add to Bob Drumm’s great summary.


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