Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | July 28, 2015

When The Switch Is Flipped

It feels as though in the last month our youngest child suddenly had the ‘I Can Read’ switch flipped in his head. We suspected for a while that he was able to read more than he was showing us – we also know he’s a perfectionist. If he couldn’t read everything at the first try, he didn’t want to show he could read anything. In the last weeks no polysyllabic word has been safe from him.

Now comes the fun part, helping him find books. He enjoys a good MAGIC TREEHOUSE and FRANKIE PICKLE made him laugh. GERONIMO STILTON is slightly too complex at this time. Still, the humor appeals to him and I see the series becoming a favorite.

One afternoon we were listening to a beloved audiobook, BUNNICULA, by James and Deborah Howe. I happened to mention that I’d heard there were more books in the Bunnicula series written from the perspective of the goof ball puppy character, Howie. My son put down the Lego project he was working on (something that almost never happens) and asked if he could read those books. Now.

Thanks to the magic of libraries and independent book stores, I had three of the books by the next afternoon. I picked him up from camp with the books on the back seat of the car and he carefully read the titles. He laughed hard at the one called THE ODOROUS ADVENTURES OF STINKY DOG. Then he picked the book up and read it out loud the entire way home. At home I opened the doors of the car wide so he wouldn’t get too hot and he kept reading until his voice was hoarse.

He’s reading the books as fast as he can, and inter-library loan has become my special friend. As a parent, seeing my son read with such fierce joy is one of the delights of my life.


  1. I hear you! My gal (age 5) also reads anything and everything she can get her hands on these days. She still prefers we read to her (she likes the social interaction) but if we can’t, she will go off and read by herself. I wake her up in the morning and she has a mess of books next to the bed that she “secretly” read while supposed to be sleeping. Or I’ll be cleaning up the house and find books open to pages, obviously left in the middle of reading. I love that she loves reading as much as my husband and I do!

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