Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | February 9, 2016


A couple of months ago I mentioned how I have a daily goal of five hundred to a thousand words. Every morning my list goes: 1) make sure that everything alive in our house will remain so (i.e. feed dogs, guinea pigs, children and chickens)(not necessarily in that order nor to each other) 2) write 3) do the fiddly bits like washing, laundry, sleeping, etc. With some significant, though not unexpected, wobbles, this even worked over the holidays. A week ago, much to my surprise, I finished my WIP. I delivered it to an incredibly talented developmental editor and decided I was allowed one week to ‘get things tidied up’. In other words, to finally put away all the stuff we took out during the holidays. From where I sit I can see a sewing machine, fabric, crackers, a drone, copper tubing, and too many children’s toys to list.

Within a day I was down with my first bad cold of the winter. From the cave I made under our duvet I settled in, reached out for the closest of my TBR pile (MADE TO KILL by Adam Christopher) and started reading. I am happy to say that after one week and five books (THE DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE by Jack Campbell, THE SECRET ADVERSARY by Agatha Christie, THE WORDY SHIPMATES by Sarah Vowell and ZITA THE SPACEGIRL by Ben Hatke) I am now healed and back to work. Alas, the house still has holiday flotsam and jetsam filling the corners but it’ll have to wait for another day. I’m too busy writing.

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