Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | May 24, 2016

Seven Ways To Make Your Writing Interesting

I’ve been thinking about how I can make my writing most interesting. Of course there is the brilliant advice to leave out what is unimportant.

I’ve seen this in action in books I’ve read recently. Suddenly, there was a reference to a past incident. I, the reader, had to make a quick jump to fill in what was missing. I didn’t mind it, but the surgical scar was obvious. That the scar was obvious might be because I am reading like a writer these days. By that, I mean, I’m paying as much attention to what the writer is doing as to the story itself.

There are some other ways to add interest as well.

  1. Add secrets to every character’s past
  2. Make your character fearlessness about personal safety and about making mistakes
  3. Give your characters idiosyncrasies
  4. Give your characters personal characteristics that are opposites of each other
  5. Make your character proactive
  6. Direct your storylines and sentences to take less predictable directions
  7. Keep descriptions short

What are your tricks for making your writing interesting?


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