Posted by: Kerry Gans | August 11, 2016

Top Picks Thursday! For Readers and Writers 08-11-2016

20160810_141750_resizedWelcome to today’s Top Picks Thursday! We are in another heat wave here now, as August grinds on.

Since we are in the midst of the 2016 Olympic Games, Joanna Penn lists 10 things the Olympics can teach writers.

Jo Eberhardt finds some shocking results when she examines the problem with female protagonists.

Judith Briles discusses how to find and handle the pirate in our literary midst.

Mirror World Publishing explains why writers should also be readers—not the least reason is because at least one study says people who read books live longer.


Martina Boone discusses Pitch Wars and the new Crit Partner Match Up.

You may find agents or critique partners in the link above, but Savvy Book Writers says book lovers can be found here.

All novels start with an idea. Janice Hardy explores where to find ideas for your novel.

Writers all want their books to be compelling and absorbing, but we can take revision too far. Kristen Lamb wonders if perfectionism is killing your success, while Sacha Black shows how to give your readers a book hangover in 3 easy steps.

Some of the smaller craft elements can make a huge difference in the readability of your book. Janice Hardy looks at what Stranger Things can teach us about flashbacks, Alycia W. Morales discusses transitions, Margie Lawson shows how to add subtext with dialogue cues, and James Scott Bell tells us the most important tip about setting descriptions.

Zoe M. McCarthy lists 10 writing mistakes that give readers heartburn, and Jordan Dane has vital craft lessons for every writer.

Writers have their own reasons why they write, but we all agree writing is important. K.M. Weiland gathered 15 more reasons writing is important—in your own words, Louise Miller shares 13 lessons she learned in the kitchen that made her a better writer, and Mark Alpert explores the benefits of adversity.

Nellie Hermann delves into how much of themselves authors put into their fiction, while Melissa Donovan examines the often-uneasy intersection of creative writing, art, and commerce.


Thad McIlroy examines what the Big 5 financial reports reveal about the state of traditional book publishing.

Many writers swear by their newsletters as a marketing tool. Jami Gold discusses your newsletter plan, and Phil Teague lays out a quick start guide to using MailChimp.

Aside from newsletters, there are other avenues to reaching readers. Angela Ackerman tells us how to find and reach influencers to help promote your book, and Penny Sansevieri discusses the power of Instagram.

Social media sites seem to change their rules all the time, which can be frustrating for authors. Chris Syme shares 3 Facebook changes you need to know about, and Michael Kozlowski has the new Amazon book review policies.


We’re big library fans here at the Author Chronicles. Chris Weller brings us the most beautiful library in each of the 50 states.

That’s it for Top Picks Thursday this week! See you next week!


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