Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | September 14, 2016


School has started and with it the pace and schedule of our lives switched from a summer sauntering to more of a school year march. An alarm wakes me at 6am. I listen until I hear my teen moving before getting ready myself. Then the morning flashes by as the children one after the other go to school.

Next I look after whatever is alive. This includes chickens, dogs, guinea pigs and a small cat. They are fed, watered, walked, eggs gathered, etc. Then I sit down with my computer and work. The first day was hardest, over the summer my time to work shrank to what felt like twenty minutes three times a week. The first day I was faced with a computer and no disruptions I could barely concentrate. The next day it was easier for me to focus and by the third day I was back into the swing.

It’s not that the children are disruptive, they’re just people with needs. My younger child is able to feed himself breakfast (so long as its cereal) and he’d cheerfully eat cereal for lunch and dinner. His sister, a teenager, would be happy to exist on tea alone if given the chance. There’s more of a chance of fruits and vegetables being eaten when I get involved. So over the summer meals other than dinner must be made. After that walks taken, pools swum in and streams stomped. All the while my WIP was crying out for attention, the internship I love was neglected and my very, very, VERY patient blog mates generously forgave my rather erratic schedule.

Thank you, summer, for the time I got to spend with my two favorite people and look out, fall. I’ve got a lot to do.

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