Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | December 13, 2016

Fan Fiction Part 2

As the longest night of the year looms, it’s a perfect time to read out loud. In this spirit I thought I would tell you a small story.

This past summer our teenager had some friends, perhaps five or six in total, over to play Dungeons and Dragons. After they finished their campaign it was late afternoon and they decided to all read fan fiction out loud, as a sort-of full cast. They chose what is acknowledged as the worst fan fiction ever (which I have no intention of naming. I abhor bad mouthing other authors), assigned themselves parts and commenced reading. I heard them laughing for a couple of hours before my husband and I had to head out for the airport.

At the airport we picked up the daughter of my husband’s best friend. We have seen each other occasionally over the years but haven’t spent a significant amount of time together for about eight years. We met a lovely, intelligent and very jet lagged teen who chatted and dozed the whole way home.

It can’t have been easy to come into a house filled with teens she didn’t know. But she was greeted with a hug from our teen and an immediate invitation to join in reading some really dreadful prose. She jumped in with gusto and soon they were all laughing.

Well written fan fiction is a joy to read but even terrible drivel can be a hoot.

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