Posted by: Kerry Gans | January 5, 2017

The Best of the Author Chronicles 2016

Best of the Author Chronicles 2016

Every year, we like to take a look back and see what posts our readers responded to the most. The following 15 are the ones that spoke to you most this year:

  1. Reading – New Reasons It’s Good for You
  1. Their Words Matter
  1. Fan fiction, Folklore & Fellowship
  1. Visiting Our Muse Again
  1. Seven Ways to Make Your Writing Interesting
  1. Writing What I Know
  1. Ask The Right Questions
  1. In Sickness and In Health
  1. Fiction Triggers
  1. To Spark Inspiration and Ignite Creativity: Mindful Concentration on Your Place in Space
  1. New Year, New House, New Perspective
  1. Mindful Observation: the Key to Minor Characters
  1. The Benefits of Productivity Tracking
  1. Successful Writer’s Many Roles : How to Have It All

And, proving we have a lot of introverts in our reading demographic, we have our #1 post of 2016:

  1. Becoming Visible: An Introvert Tackles Marketing

Thank you all for reading! We wish you all the best in 2017, and will return with our regular Top Picks Thursday posts next week.





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