Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | January 16, 2017

New Year Metamorphosis

My resolution for 2017 is to do things differently, as opposed to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Crazy, huh? I want better results from my effort. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint what those habits are, but the results are obvious.

Of course I still can’t control my schedule but I do have a plan that I began implementing back in 2016.

  1. I took a break from writing so that I could start fresh, less likely to repeat old ways of doing things. Of course I’m hoping to throw out the bath water and keep the baby, the things that are the good habits.
  2. I’ve been gathering information and have created a clear picture of what I want to accomplish. Not the fuzzy one with which I started writing.
  3. I’m entering 2017 with more confidence and a resolution not to let the monster fear emotions get a toehold. After all this time I understand I can simply say “no” to the little monsters.
  4. I even have a plan to start interacting with other writers again, although I suspect that first I may have to get my courage up and change my work situation to allow time for living life. We’ll see.
  5. I resolve to create a shrine to those things that are important and let the others fall away.

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