Posted by: Kerry Gans | January 26, 2017

Top Picks Thursday! For Readers & Writers 01-26-2017

Welcome to the last Top Picks Thursday of January! It seems like 2017 just began a few days ago.

Kelly Barnhill is “completely gobsmacked” about her 2017 Newbery Medal, and Lee Wind runs down the 2017 SCBWI Spark Award winners.

Liana Brooks discusses writing the disabled.

PEN Center USA writers respond to the election, and Carter Higgins lists 35 picture books for young activists.

Author John Green shows proper pronunciation for often messed-up words.

The Liars Club Philadelphia’s Oddcast features Fran Wilde.


Writing is hard from beginning to end. Reedsy editors share 9 tips on how to start a story, while Janice Hardy examines how to write great endings—and not just the big one.

Rochelle Deans has tips for what to do to revise your NaNo book, and Jami Gold talks about what to do if you can’t find beta readers.

Trying to start a daily writing routine can be rough. Sukhi Jutla discusses using habits, triggers, and rewards to build a daily writing practice, and Jemima Pett explains how to write 52 stories a year.


Pricing and distribution are two issues many authors grapple with. Janet Reid peeks inside book pricing, while Jane Friedman hosts a Q&A with Pronoun Distribution, an up-and-coming distribution hub.

The art of the pitch is vital to every author. Jami Gold discusses pitch writing and why even self-publishers need them.

Once you’ve got that pitch, if you are heading down the traditional path, you’ll use it in your query. But what else to include? Janet Reid tells us when you should include “why I wrote this book” in your query.

Katherine Grubb explores the top 10 ways marketing your book is like exploring a jungle, and Frances Caballo shares apps, tools, and plugins for indie authors in 2017.


This week, take a look at some of Europe’s most beautiful libraries.

Writers read a lot, but what happens when you hit a slump? Beth O’Brien shares 5 things her 6-month-long reading slump taught her.

James Wallace Harris has the opposite issue—he’s a book addict.

Julie Phillips talks to the fantastic Ursula K. Le Guin.

If you are looking for an excellent blog, check out One Great Book.

Mark Twain told his daughters fairy tales all the time, but only one was ever written down. This rediscovered Mark Twain fairy tale will be published soon.

Prim and proper Jane Austen had a racy side.

Who was the Poe Toaster? We still have no idea—but it could be you.

That’s it for this week’s Top Picks Thursday! We’ll see you in February!

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