Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | February 7, 2017

A Good Book

For various and not exclusively political reasons November and December 2016 were tough. There is no need to go into details here but I will say that I ended up with a near permeant eye twitch. I had trouble sleeping, when I did my dreams were chaotic and I woke at 4 am with my brain saying: “Hey, want to think about the state of the world?” Much of my trouble was that I couldn’t turn my brain off.

A sale on audio books was exactly what I needed. I have listened to all of the audio books I own until I could repeat them verbatim and really needed something new. When I saw Kevin Hearn’s HEXED, the second in his IRON DRUID series, I thought it sounded interesting and I knew I’d heard of the author so I decided to give it a try. If I didn’t like it I was out only five bucks, after all.

HEXED was exactly what I needed. Compelling, well plotted, fantastic characters, humor — these books had it all in my personal “Best Ever” category. As soon as that book was finished I feverishly downloaded the next and then the next until, with a quiet scream of anguish I came to the end. No more books. Yet. Waiting with a new twitch, a ‘I need the next book ASAP’ is much more fun than a stress-induced eye twitch.

Books are one of the building blocks of my life. I learn from books, weep with books, laugh so hard at books I fall off the elliptical, and sometimes, when my brain runs in such small circles it all but makes a groove in my skull, books are best at getting me to look outside and see the world.

BESIEGED is the next book and I’m waiting for it with great anticipation. Things are a bit easier now so I no longer need the book so desperately. Instead, I’m just looking forward to a good book.

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