Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | March 8, 2017

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Last month, as Valentine’s Day approached, I wondered what small present I could get my mother. I knew other family members were going to give her flowers and candy, cards and hugs. I wanted to find something cheerful that she never has to dust.

I’m very fond of Valentine’s Day. To me it’s a cheerful holiday. More relaxed than Christmas, it brightens a time of year when even my bones begin chill. I like giving out and getting small presents and lots of hugs. I’m not fond of dusting which is why, unless specifically asked for something, I always try to give presents that will be used up.

In early February I stopped at the Doylestown Bookstore. All through the store they had tables with signs reading “Blind Date with a book. Do you judge a book by its cover?” On the tables were books wrapped in brown paper tied with string; basic information about the book written on the front in black marker. England, Blind Date, Thriller, Childhood in Brooklyn, Mystery, Africa, were just a few of the lines I read on various books. Seeing books wrapped up like mystery prizes made me want to buy all of them (me wanting to buy all the books isn’t a new phenomenon. Me standing next to a book, seeing a book, thinking about a book or talking about a book can also inspire me to want to buy a book).


On average my mother reads a book everyday, long ones may take two days. If she doesn’t get them from the library she usually gives them to the library book sale once she’s finished (this is a good idea, if she kept all the books she read she’d have to have a separate house just to hold all of them).

At the bookstore I looked through the books and found one I thought looked perfect for my mother. I can’t remember what exactly was listed on the cover but I do recall Mystery and Celtic Gods. On February fourteenth I gave Mom her present. She loved the idea of a mystery book and unwrapped it immediately.

On February fifteenth Mom told me how much she loved the book and asked if I wanted it to read.


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