Posted by: Kerry Gans | March 30, 2017

Top Picks Thursday! For Writers & Readers 3-30-2017

Welcome to the last Top Picks Thursday of March! Our March is going out like a rainy little lamb, but I think we have finally expelled winter and are ready to welcome spring!

Non-fiction authors often wonder about liability. Lawyer Brad Frazer  lists 5 things nonfiction authors can get sued for.

Looking for something diverse to read? Here are 10 teen books that offer different perspectives on autism.

Kathryn Craft reminds us that although we can do it all, that doesn’t mean we should. If we do get in over our heads, Ruth Harris has some stress busters and burnout beaters.


Sometimes getting from the idea to the page is the hardest part of writing. Kristen Lamb shares signs that you don’t really have a story, Jeff Lyons defines the difference between story and situation, and Casey Griffin has 5 steps to building an outline.

Once we start writing, there are big ticket issues to worry about. Mary Kole explains how to direct reader attention, Donald Maass shows how to produce an emotional response from your reader, and Angela Ackerman explores the character motivation of overcoming abuse and learning to trust.

Tina Radcliffe walks us through the process of writing a scene, and Julie Anne Long looks at using the ordinary to create the extraordinary.

Nathan Bransford tells us how to know if you have a good editor, Jen Matera lets us know how to edit dialogue, and Janine Savage lays out how to write numbers in writing.

So how does one become a successful author? Kristen Lamb discusses if some people lack the talent to be authors, Ivy Sheldon distinguishes between writer’s block and perfectionism, and Diane O’Connell lists 8 things successful authors DON’T do.


Self-published authors have to know a lot about a whole range of subjects. Dave Kusek and Joanna Penn discuss what authors can learn from the music business, while David Kudler gets into the nuts and bolts of editing your ebook.

To agent or not to agent? Jane Friedman talks about how to land an agent for a self-published book, while agent Janet Reid shares 6 reasons your manuscript got rejected.

Branding and marketing is essential to any author’s success. Jami Gold looks at how to keep your sanity while building a brand, and Jane Friedman shows how to improve book sales through better descriptions and keyword targeting.

That’s it for this week’s Top Picks Thursday! We’ll see you in April!

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