Posted by: Nancy Keim Comley | April 5, 2017

Hooray For the Written Word

A couple of months ago a friend from college sent me a letter. A real letter on paper in an envelope and everything. After looking at it in mild surprise I opened the envelope and took out the page. She wrote that she appreciated the missive I had written and put in with our Christmas card. It made her realize just how much she misses letters. So she decided to put pen to paper and write.

She and I were close in college and have remained friends ever since but with children, work, family and the half continent between us we fell out of touch. In a three page letter she caught me up on her life and through her words and humor I was reminded why I like her so much. She is fun, irreverent, book-obsessed and writes a great letter.  A few days after receiving her letter I sat down and wrote back (I put fingers to keys instead of pen to paper, I have terrible handwriting).

Since then about every week we write to each other. Most nights I write a paragraph or two before I sleep. I sincerely hope we keep it up — there is something very satisfying about getting a letter in the mail.  Texts and email are immediate and demanding but a letter is something to be savored.


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