Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | May 2, 2017


I’ve been thinking about what’s important in life. Should I choose paid work (important for paying those pesky bills) over non paid work (important to the spirit), and when do I sleep? Where is wise King Solomon when you need him?  But wait a minute. Do I have to choose?

Perhaps if I make myself accountable to someone besides myself I will find a way to use my time more efficiently.

I’m already very efficient, but maybe it’s possible that somewhere there is more.

I do paid work first because I have made a commitment to do it and if I don’t show up, someone holds me accountable, and then there are those bills. Sleep or lack of sleep holds me accountable in its own way – if I don’t get enough sleep then I get sick. I currently have a strong reason to keep good health habits. I go to yoga classes because if I don’t do yoga, pain holds me accountable, and if I do yoga on my own, I’m likely to lie down some where part way through the hour. I attend my band practices and scheduled gigs because I love singing but my band mates and audiences also hold me accountable.

If I want to make myself as a writer accountable to a regular schedule, I will need some ingredients

  1. Someone to make a commitment to – a writing partner, a writing group, a friend, or some online entity. Or perhaps a blog audience.


  1. I’ll need to give myself regular deadlines. Once a week seems like it would be a reasonable deadline.


  1. I’ll need to keep in mind why writing is so important. Although paying bills makes life much more pleasant than not paying bills, I am not on this earth to pay bills!


  1. Other important parts of this plan are something to write. Like a short story or a blog.

So now I have a rough plan and I realize things could get messy, will almost definitely get messy. I will put things out in the world before they’re fully formed and I won’t like that at all. But I will like the improvement I’ll see when I’m more productive.


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