Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | August 22, 2017


Why? Why?  Why?  Would you do such a thing?

1. Perhaps your computer has broken as mine has and the repairs are not quick ones.  Truthfully,  I’m finding it a little unsettling to do everything  on a small screen but it’s not as hard as I thought it might be.

2. Convenience. Your phone is always with you and five minutes here and five minutes there will add up. Using your phone to write on five minute increments might be a plus if your schedule doesn’t have much down time for writing.
3. Organization. This could be one of my little idiosyncriticites buuuut, I have been discovering, that for me, the more stuff I have on my phone that used to be only on my computer, the more organized I feel, the more in control of my world I am.
Tell Me About the How
1. Choose a program in which to write.
It could be as simple as using an email program. That’s what I’m doing today, sending this blog to myself as an email. I also have Evernote I and like that and there are plenty of other sophisticated apps for writers out there. I’ll let others who’ve done more research than I coach you on those. I have an Android phone, and in my experience, if your phone and Wi-fi connection are not the best you’ll want to choose simpler apps.  Thankfully, my latest phone is handling whatever app I throw at it with aplomb.
2. Experiment with various keyboards to find one that works well for you.
3. Get to it. Write.


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