Posted by: Gwendolyn Huber | October 24, 2017

A Disorganized Mind

“I have a terrible sense of direction because I have a disorganized mind.”
We were strangers, sitting on lawn chairs on the side of a hill in the summer heat. A terrific live band played in the distance.
“You probably have a great sense of direction,” my new acquaintance continued.
“No,” I joked (I was serious), “sometimes I don’t know which way is up.”
It hadn’t occurred to me that I might have a disorganized mind, but right then, I started to question, what, as a writer, should I do about that?
Here’s my list of things to focus and organize the mind
1. Plan your story well. My detailed outline is my “to do” list of bite-sized projects. Which bite will I work on now?
2. Write down a goal for each writing session. What will I accomplish today?
3. Hold your audience clearly in mind before you start writing. Who am I writing for?
4. Label everything. Make lists and time lines to prevent having to scroll through pages of text for forgotten details. What will I want to remember? What will I want to revise later?
5. Keep all story info in one location. Will I remember where l stored this information a month from today?

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