Posted by: Kerry Gans | November 30, 2017

Top Picks Thursday! For Writers & Readers 11-30-2017

Welcome to this week’s Top Picks Thursday! Hard to believe that tomorrow is December 1st.

Goodreads will now charge from $119 to $599 for you to giveaway your free books.

All writers know that writing can be cathartic, but Audrey Berger Welz shares how writing helped her survive a near-fatal illness.

Opinions vary on whether or not it’s a good thing to participate in anthologies. Margot Kahn discusses how and why to edit an anthology.

Daniel T. Willingham delves into how to get your mind to read.


Joanna Penn tells us how to find and capture ideas for your novel, while Ruth Harris brings us an author’s glossary and resource guide to help us get through our projects.

Lisa Gail Green gives us 5 ways to recover from being stuck, K.M. Weiland shows us how to write funny, and Lee Lofland has cop terminology to make you crime dialogue sing.

Susan Tuttle helps us understand our POV choices, Barbara Ashford has tips for crafting compelling scenes, and James Scott Bell looks at the power of the close-up connection.

Chrys Fey examines the many ways writers learn from reading.

Kristen Tsetsi wonders: is the dream of traditional publishing worth it?


Thinking of running a BookBub promo? Think again: Amazon is now punishing authors for running BookBub promotions.

Chad R. Allen shares 9 little known facts about getting published.

If you publish yourself, here’s Joel Friedlander’s survival kit for self-publishers.

Carmen Nobel investigates how independent bookstores thrived in spite of Amazon.

Janet Reid hits us with a triple play: how to part ways with your agent, why she turned down queries and how to avoid the same mistakes, and her take on literary agencies that also offer “book development and custom publishing.”

Zoe Saddler tells us how to reach young readers through book festivals, and Nate Hoffelder warns about 8 ways authors waste their money.

Ariel Rule walks us through how to get more Facebook likes, DiAnn Mills shares the writer’s guide to social media organization, and Joan Stewart has the top 10 ways your website leaves readers and leads in the dust.


If nothing else seems to be working, here are 12 bars where you can drink your way to literary greatness.

Despite a campaign to save it, James Baldwin’s former home in France will be demolished.

That’s all for this week’s Top Picks Thursday—and for November! See you in December!


  1. Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it!


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