Posted by: Kerry Gans | December 28, 2017

The 12(ish) Links of Christmas 2017

As is our holiday tradition, the Author Chronicles brings you the top links of 2017. These are articles our readers found particularly helpful or enjoyable, so if you missed any have fun browsing!

  1. Dan Santat: How political should authors be on social media?
  1. Jack Woodville London: 12 questions to help you create memorable characters
    Fiona Macdonald: Striking photos of readers around the world
  1. Frances Caballo: 10 trends in publishing identified by Mark Coker
    Neil Pasricha: 8 ways to read a lot more books this year
  1. Tal Valante: Need story ideas? This 5-step process works every time
    Kristen Lamb: The single largest problem of most first time novels
  1. Shaila Patel: Story beginnings: creating the right first impression
    Mary Jaksch: Fire up a stalled novel
  1. Kameron Hurley: Writing income: what I made in 2016
    Highlights Foundation: The top 10 myths about writing children’s books
  1. Roz Morris: 5 qualities of a brilliant story
    Kristen Lamb: Save money on professional edits—6 easy ways to clean up your own manuscript
  1. Chuck Sambuchino: The worst ways to begin your novel: advice from literary agents
  1. Roz Morris: Writers, are you showing off or sharing? A way to kill your darlings
  1. Horn Book: Reviews of the 2017 Newbery Award winners
  1. K.M. Weiland: How to find exactly the right story hook

And in the top spot, a perennial favorite blogger of our readers:

  1. Roz Morris: Bringing the dead to life…Why novelists should read obituaries

I hope some of those top links were useful and interesting to you! We look forward to bringing you more writerly links in 2018! Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Dancing like a lord! Thank you for including three of my posts – as well as putting me top of the pear tree.


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