Posted by: Kerry Gans | January 4, 2018

The Best of the Author Chronicles 2017

If you missed our Top Links from 2017, check them out!

We love to look back on the past year and see what posts resonated most with our readers. Here are our most popular posts from 2017. Enjoy!

25. Why and How to Write on Your Phone

24. Hooray for the Written Word

23. Using Cameo Characters

22. Zombie Cupcakes: The Art of Marketing on a Budget

21. Inspiration: Celebrate Nature! Celebrate Life!

20. A Writing Space from a Favorite Movie

19. You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset

18. Revising the Revision Process

17. Five Reasons for Agent Rejection of a Manuscript

16. Can a Tough Time be a Great Time to Write?

15. Getting Into Character

14. Change Up

13. The Benefits of Productivity Tracking

12. The Duality of the Writing Mind

11. Act It Out, Then Write It Down

10. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

9.  Revision: When Are You Done?

8.  Mindful Observation: The Key To Minor Characters

7.  Accountability

6.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Reality

5.  Becoming Visible: An Introvert Tackles Marketing

4.  No Nonsense Allowed: Why Fiction Must Make Sense

3.  The Myth of the Solitary Writer

2.  Launch Etiquette: MUST You Buy the Book?

And our number one post for 2017:

1.  Write Your Character’s Eulogy

Happy New Year, everyone! We wish all of our readers a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018! We resume our normal Top Picks Thursday link round-up next week.


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