Posted by: Kerry Gans | June 10, 2018

Philadelphia Writers’ Conference 2018: Day Three

Day Three of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference brought that rather contradictory atmosphere of mixed elation and exhaustion so common on the last day of a conference. Writers were exhilarated by two days of craft, business, and events, and were exhausted by…two days of craft, business, and events. I don’t know about others, but my brain is packed and whirling with all the information I’ve gotten at this conference.

Sharyn Flanagan

My first workshop of the day was Sharyn Flanagan’s Ctrl-Alt-Don’t Delete: When editing your grammar doesn’t have to mean a total reboot. Grammar and I are not the best of friends, so I decided that brushing up on my grammar would be a good idea. Sharyn discussed the latest guidelines by the AP, and other style guides. However, the good news is that a more conversational style is now “in,” and if there’s one thing I do well, it’s talk.

Kelly Simmons

The final day of Kelly SimmonsSpunky, Funky or Hunky: The Importance of Creating Indelible Characters picked up where yesterday left off, with 3 more people offering up their characters for examination. Three more incredible stories came to light, and I think this 2018 crop of  PWC attendees is going to make a big mark in the writing world.

Laurie Morrison

After a lunch enjoying the outdoors, I went to day three of Laurie Morrison’s Harnessing Your Inner Child. Today Laurie covered school visits and other ways to connect with teachers and librarians. Then she answered specific questions we had, such as the divisions between middle grade, young adult, and new adult; query strategies, and whether or not an MFA was needed to succeed.

Adrian Erik McCray

On this last day of Adrian Erick McCray’s Plotting The Road Map from Chapter One Until The End, we recapped plot models, character sketches, and building the perfect antagonist for your story. Then some of the attendees got to talk about their works-in-progress, and get suggestions from Adrian and others to help with where they were stuck.

Many of my classes today focused on the students’ needs, which led me to today’s theme: community. Today writers helped writers with character issues, plot problems, marketing confusion, and publishing jargon. Together we helped lift one another over obstacles in the way of our dreams, and pulled each other along the writing path.

And isn’t that really what conferences like the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference are all about—community? A writing community energizes, elevates, and enlightens all who join. Tonight, all the weary warriors of the PWC will return to their homes armed with new knowledge and new comrades, ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Thank you, Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, for 70 years of growing and nurturing our writing community. I hope to see many familiar faces back next year!

Sunday’s Full Schedule

Two Day Master Classes

9:00 AM

Researching Biography: Finding Your Inner Nancy Drew– Ericka Blount-Danois
World Building in Fiction – Fran Wilde

Single Day Workshops

9:30 AM

Ctrl-Alt-Don’t Delete: When editing your grammar doesn’t have to mean a total reboot – Sharyn Flanagan
The Essay Abounds – Beth Kephart

Three Day Workshops

11 AM

Spunky, Funky or Hunky: The Importance of Creating Indelible Characters–Kelly Simmons
Where is the Center of the Earth and How Does It Become Your Poetry?– Amy Small-McKinney
Memoir – Lorene Cary
Marketing and Social Media; An Authors Worst Nightmare!– Denise Camacho

1:30 PM

Short and Sweet: How to write a great short story– Austin Camacho
Harness your Inner Child – Laurie Morrison
NonFiction Book – Lynn Rosen
On The Edge of Your Seat: Writing Suspense– Merry Jones

3:00 PM

Fiction/Novel II (Plot) – Adrian Erik McCray
Going into the Cave: Writing the Confessional Poem– Brian Fanelli
Play Writing: Pursuing Commissions – Ed Shockley
Workshop in a Box – Blair Thornburgh
THREE DAY MASTER CLASS – Get Published – Sheree Bykofsky

4:15 PM – Awards Ceremony


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